Reliable Saskatchewan research indicates that in any given year:

  • 100,000 people will suffer from Depression, 50,000 (5.3%) of them with Major Depressive Disorder.
  • 8.3% of the adolescent population will exhibit signs of Major Depression (over 50% higher than the adult population) - translating to over 7,000 in Saskatchewan's Grade 7-12 population.
        (Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter)
  • 90% of suicides involve mental disorders, primarily untreated depression.
  • 60,000 people will consider suicide as an option (6% of the population).
        (Living Works)
  • 10,000+ will act on that option with some type of suicidal behaviour.
        (Living Works)
  • A disproportionately high percentage of these suicidal behaviours occur in teenagers and young adults.
  • In a given year
    • 19% of high school students consider suicide.
    • 12.7% make plans to carry it out.
    • 2.5% make suicidal attempts requiring medical attention.
          U.S. Centre for Disease Control (Atlanta)
  • Saskatchewan has the highest per capita rate of attempted suicides of any Canadian province.
  • In 1995-1999 an average of 135 Saskatchewan residents per year completed suicide.
  • Information and support are key to the early diagnosis and treatment of depression and other mental disorders.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment leads to vastly improved quality of life, and lessens the risk of suicide.
  • Knowledge and skills acquired through Suicide Awareness Presentations and Suicide Intervention workshops help keep people alive.

(Statistics courtesy of Friends for Life) - see Disclaimer

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