Journey to Hope Moose Jaw Inc. is made up of individuals in the community of Moose Jaw, SK and surrounding areas who are members of the Survivors of Suicide Support Group or have been affected by a loss through suicide. Through our grief, we have come to realize the impact that suicide has in our lives and within our community and feel the need to do our part to make a difference.

Suicide happens so often, yet no one seems to be talking about it because of the stigma that is attached to it. Those who haven't been directly affected by it don't want to hear about it. Those who have attempted suicide may be scared to talk about it. Others may be feeling suicidal and believe nothing can help. And, tragically others are the ones left behind to pick up the pieces.

Our feeling is that there must be great resources out there to help. But, what are they? How does a person who is feeling suicidal seek help in our community? As a group, we feel it would be extremely beneficial to our community to strive towards raising awareness to the devestation of suicide.

We want to bring awareness so that maybe, one person's heart can be saved from breaking. We want to do it to hopefully help save a life. We would also like to make tributes to those that have unfortunately left us. We want to do it to help survivors like ourselves.

The Journey to Hope will raise vital funds which we very strongly feel should be allocated locally. Funds raised from this event will be used in the following possible ways:

  • To support the ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training),  safeTALK, suicideTALK, and Tattered Teddies Suicide Prevention and Intervention Programs so they are even more accessible to people in our community and to students in our schools.
  • Providing resource materials for the community.
  • Creating publicity highlighting the community resources available for those in crisis/at risk. 

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